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Good bye for now.....

I have made the tough decision to close down our beautiful Rosebank Store. We simply cannot sustain the impossible rentals in the Covid-times.

I have put so much love and effort into the design of the store and am very proud of it. But I have every confidence that with renewed, positive energy we will be stronger than ever. After all, what we do well is resilience and bouncing back! My brain is already in overdrive planning and plotting new opportunities.

The good news is, in the meantime my loyal and fabulous Gauteng clients can still shop for their Michelle Ludek favourites online, delivered to your door at no extra cost.

Thank you as always for all your steadfast support, and watch this space for when Venus rises again .

With Much Love, Michelle and Dolly

When planning collection...

I am always mindful of where we live and that we have some gorgeous summery days in August and then a week of freezing cold temperatures, by South African standards, however it is never cold enough to warrant a winter wardrobe
overhaul but rather clever layering.

I always want my clothing to have longevity and be transitional through all seasons. It is not only my goal to create effortless classics that can be worn for years but clothing that is comfortable and affordable.

Less is more and I truly believe this, rather invest in pieces of excellent quality and timelessness.
I hope you enjoy our new collection….


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